Recording & Production studio LIFE PRODUCTION is relatively new studio based on the north-east side of Poland in Białystok, just 196 km from Warsaw. But I’m not that new. My name is Adam Batruch. I have many years experience in recording and music production, and also as a musician, because I play bass guitar and electric guitar. I made my first recordings in 2000 year. I have cooperated with artists from different genres like rock, punk-rock, grunge, pop and EDM. I have learnt a mixing technique from the best people on the market, and I grow my knowledge all the time. I participated among others: in seminary of Andy Wallace’a, was a student of famous rock/metal Hertz Recording Studio course. I also compose and arrange music. If it’s needed I offer a arrange background while sessions. All of mentioned is obviously a guarantee of the good sound.

I work on a high quality recording equipment and have a rich offer of a backline stuff.

Records take place in Białystok and in Warsaw. I own a huge live room with  7 metres height, great for recording drums and others. Studio is equipped with right vocal space to choose from more dry space (close vocals or lectors) to wet with more air.

Almost forgot to write – I’m a big fan of analog sound ! If you want to sound up-to-date, but not plastic, you couldn’t find a better place !

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Adam Batruch

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